Your own website promoted with M-PARK

Market the benefits of your site, highlight specific promotions to upsell services such as truck wash, repairs and driver facilities, whilst also listing full site details with descriptions, prices, images and TAPA rating (where applicable).

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Grow Revenue
Boost sales and increase customer base through marketing and targeted promotions.
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Advanced booking
Tools to enable advanced bookings from Fleet managers and Drivers if your site wishes to offer this.
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Simple Controls
Each purchase controlled by a simple QR code. View your sites transactions live within the app.

No Start up fees

Accepting M-PARK at your site does not require any investment at the site itself and the technology can be accessed via a common smart phone or tablet. Sites can be quickly added to our network following a simple sign up process.


see what others think

Site Manager

“Once we started accepting the M-PARK app for payment our customer numbers increased. It was a simple and straight forward process and we haven’t looked back.”

Parking Site Manager
Site Operator

“Starting to accept M-Park was easy. Now, on a daily basis we see customers that we never even knew existed and we have no worries about payments.”

Parking Site Owner
Site Operator

“We accept the M-Park app for payments at our Truck Wash, we now see many European trucks everyday and the whole thing has been effortless.”

Truck Wash Operator



Discover your new favourite sites and enjoy the benefits of cashless payments for parking and associated services.